The Month of July

Hello and welcome to my monthly blog!

Let’s get right into it and talk about the first thing I did this month, Anime Expo!

I once again attended Anime Expo for the fourth year in a row and it was just as hectic as all the other Expo’s I’ve been to in years past. The first day is usually the worst for this convention, they have no communication between staff members and volunteers on what to do with the lines. After 3 hours outside, I was finally able to get in and head to the massive vendor hall inside. I love wandering that vendor hall to see all the stuff that’s up for purchase from multiple companies! I bought a lot of stuff I really wanted this time around and was very happy! During the weekend I also got to visit the Sanrio shop and get myself some Aggretsuko merch(I love Aggretsuko!), I walked to and around Little Tokyo as well, it’s always so much fun walking around that portion of L.A. and also visited the historic Amoeba Music in Hollywood and purchased three cds I really wanted! All in All I had a really good time and I was glad I got to see and hang out with people I hadn’t seen in forever!

the Line of Lines
I love Nesoberis
Awesome Aggrestsuko Merch along with a CG m@s Manga I bought from Kinokuniya!
Saw many sites along the way to Little Tokyo
This is the first ever gay bar in downtown L.A. This was so incredible to see!
Amoeba music accepts everybody.
I bought Babymetal(self titled cd), Metal Resistance and Gravity(which came out on my b-day last year).

Once I got back from Anime Expo, I started catching up on everything that I was behind on. I finally finished Mob Psycho Season 2 and Bang Dream S2, both of which where fantastic and definitely better than their first season counter parts. I’m also in the process of finishing a few more shows as well! I also started catching up on the wrestling shows that I missed out on as well, I caught my first ever Pro Wrestling Eve shows(She Brawls in Brighton and She’s Gonna Start A Fight(which was on my birthday!)), both of which were awesome shows! I highly recommend checking them out(, they’re definitely worth the 9.99 a month! I also started catching up on the G1 Climax tournament that New Japan has currently going on, watched the first night in Texas and was blown away at all the matches(the standouts being Will Ospreay vs. Lance Archer and KENTA vs Kota Ibushi)(Note: I got up to night 6 and holy wow this tournament has been great!). I also took in my first ever Rise Pro Wrestling show as well with Rise Pride and Joy(a wrestling show at the end of Pride Month), fantastic show that really showed what Rise was all about!

Also in this month we had the release of Roselia’s latest single Firebird/Ringing Bloom, which is fantastic and I was so excited to hear the full version of Firebird since it was performed near the end of Bang Dream S2. We also had the pre-orders go up on multiple sites for Saito Shuuka’s debut solo cd(You-chan from Love Live Sunshine), set to come out during the month of August! Along that line as well we also had Aina Suzuki announce that she too would be releasing a solo project sometime this year as well(Mari from Love Live Sunshine), which had me all sorts of excited that my two favorite seiyuu are going to be doing they’re own things!

If you don’t mind, I’m now going to talk about something very serious. Towards the end of the month we had a very very scary incident happen in Japan. On July 18th, Kyoto Animation was viciously attacked and many many lives were tragically lost, during that time I found it very hard to be social media. So much was coming in, the news about how it happened, who had done it, the loss of life climbing and climbing. For a studio that brought many of us together world wide to be hurt in such a way was devastating. Then the outpouring of support came in, The Sentai Filmworks GoFundMe raising well over 2 Million dollars, people buying and downloading images through the KyoAni store itself, seiyuu and musicians donating what they could to Kyoani. Donations world wide flooded in and soon enough what was happening had reached the ears of the head of KyoAni! It was so incredible to see everyone coming together to help Kyoto Animation, so much so that they even opened they’re own personal bank account for those that wish to donate directly! My heart and mind still think back to that day when it started happening, I had tears running down my face every time I keep seeing more and more news on it.

Something that helped me process everything that had happened were a couple of other fellow wordpress users. It’s with these that I had found the words I was looking for to help me understand. and Both of these folks helped me better understand grief and emotions that came with this tragedy. As we get towards the end of the month, let’s remember to keep KyoAni in our hearts as they recover from this horrible tragedy.

Though the month of July brought some stress and some very down emotions, I made it through in a better mental state than I had in the last couple of months. As August rolls through, I hope this month continues to treat me just as good if not better than the last. Thank you all so much for Following me and liking my blogs! I’m really enjoying doing them in order to share just a bit of my life with all of you!

Thank you all so much and I’ll see you all at the end of August for another monthly update!

The Month of July

The Month of June

Hello and Welcome to my Monthly blog! As you may know June is Also LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and as you know as an out and proud bisexual this month was near and dear to my heart. If you wish to help those in the LGBTQIA+ Community you can donate to these great and amazing charities!

The Trevor Project:

Mermaids (UK Charity):

Out Youth:

As well as many many other fine organizations.

Let’s start off with the beginning of this month and my follow up from last month! I made my prediction for the finals of the Best of the Super Junior tournament in New Japan Pro Wrestling(picked Shingo Takaagi) and the match we had was Will Ospreay vs Shingo Takaagi! It definitely tore the roof off of the place, the crowd was constantly cheering for both Will and Shingo. At the end of the day, Will Ospreay stood tall at the top of the Super Juniors tournament(after much frustration by myself) and went on to beat Dragon Lee at Dominion for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title.

We also had more and more story building with AEW as they built on the matches at Fyter fest by releasing promos from the different individuals on the card. One of those promos was a stirring and chilling but almost relatable story from Darby Allin heading into his match against Cody Rhodes. you can see it here on the official AEW Youtube Channel.

Darby Allin in his promo speaks of just how quick life can change and how everything can be turned upside down in an instant. He tells us that his trust and respect for humanity is gone, he speaks about becoming severely depressed when he’s not able to do something or be moving(which quite a few people do have this specific variation of depression in the world). He tells us that he has a drive to be the best, to not settle for others expectations of yourself(which is true, never let anyone but yourself give you expectations). He speaks about finding acceptance in wrestling over his former platform of skate boarding and that people accept his crazy personality more than ever before(finding acceptance anywhere is still what a lot of us seek out in our lives, a place where we can be ourselves and accepted for who we truly are). The most chilling line in his promo is when he mentions “not having an off switch” and being scared of that fact. He finishes his promo talking about having a relentless hunger to get the most out of life because you never know when it might end(something that none of us are immune to, our own mortality) and seeking acceptance for who he his when he wrestles for AEW.

On the other end, I have been slowly catching up with a lot of anime and should be slated to finish a handful of show just before heading to Anime Expo this year. I have already finished Yakusoku no Neverland(The Promised Neverland) and I’m really happy how the show turned out in the end! It got me to pick up the manga and start reading from where the show left off before S2 comes out next year! Already miss all the great characters from this show

So going towards the end of June I celebrated my 28th Birthday. I ended up going to Mesa with my dad to a local Independent wrestling show called Strictly Business(courtesy of Phoenix Championship Wrestling). It was a fantastic time with great matches and I got to meet plenty of the wrestlers who performed on the show as well! Got to talk shop with a lot of them and also autographs as well! I also found out that there is a wrestling school here as well(also located in Mesa), I’m honestly very very wanting to make that jump to attend classes though I feel I’d have to give up a lot to make it happen.

June for me was a very interesting month, it lead to some pretty good things and it served as a lead up month to July and everything with that.

Thank you for reading my monthly blog once again, I’ll see you all at the end of July for yet another entry!

The Month of June

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii


Hello and Welcome to my review of Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku!

Based on the webcomic/manga(manga being published by Ichijinsha in Japan and Kodansha Comics in the U.S.), Wotakoi is about two otaku working in the same office and their daily lives and budding relationship with each other and those around them.

So let’s start off with the good things about this show!


Each of the characters in Wotakoi all have really relatable qualities about them(especially if your an otaku). Narumi Momose is a Fujoshi who likes Otome Games and Idols, Hirotaka Nifuji is a game otaku who spends his free time(when not around friends) playing games(at the time of this anime, mostly Monster Hunter), Hanako Koyanagi is a Cosplay otaku(who normally cosplays male characters) who also plays games and reads yaoi manga and Taro Kabakura is a hero and bishojo otaku. If you’re an otaku of any kind you can understand the interests of each character and can understand the want to share your favorite things with other otaku.

The opening theme to Wotakoi is called “Fiction” by Sumika(also known for the I want to eat your Pancreas opening theme) and it’s quite the bop. It fits the show by showing how close Narumi, Hirotaka, Hanako and Taro are to one another, along with adding some cute dance moves from each of the characters. The lyrics to the song express that there are ups and downs in relationships but give you the reminder that while there are downs, the ups will always be more frequent. “In preparation for all the times you’ll feel down, Never forget to put tabs on your most exciting times.
Keep them as your treasures”.

It’s fairly obvious that the character interactions in a show like Wotakoi are the focal point of the show and it’s where the show really shines. The Seiyuu for this show really make each character stand out with their reactions and vocal inflections. Date Arisa-san(Emi Nanba in IM@S CG, Rumi in Punchline and Maril Cavendish in Little Witch Academia) really captures Narumi’s over the top reactions and vocal inflections when it comes to the more silly and emotional moments for her, Ito Kent-san(Michio Hazama in IM@S Side M, Shushin in Reikenzan and Soma Mizuno in the upcoming show Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujo) really capture’s Hirotaka well with the smoothness and baritone of his voice(much like a lot of Otome characters have). Sawashiro Miyuki-san(Saeko Busujima in Highschool of the Dead, Seo Yuzuki in Nozaki-kun and Mordred aka Saber of Red in Fate/Apocrypha to a name a few of her many roles) very much captures Hanako Koyanagi’s older senpai voice(very ara ara) and her experience in not only the relationship department but also the shared interest in boys love she has with Momose and Sugita Tomokazu-san(Kazuyoshi “Switch” Usui in Sket Dance, Joseph Joestar in JoJo’s Bizarre Advenure Battle Tendency arc and Yusuke Kitagawa in Persona 5 the animation just to name a few of his roles) captures Kabakura’s rough around the edges attitude and gruffness when it comes to angry vocal inflections, though there are times when Kabakura speaks calmly about his relationship with Koyanagi is when he truly shines through.

The ending theme to Wotakoi is “Kimi no Tonari” or “Next to You” by halca(also known for the S2 ED of the Ace Attorney anime and more recently the Kaguya-sama: Love is War ED!) and it’s beautifully performed! It shows the busy life of all four main characters through their daily office routines and coming together at the end of the day to unwind as friends and as couples. The lyrics express how similar people can be in relationships but still be awkward around one another which fit our main characters very well, “Right next to you is my comfortable place. We are a bit awkward pair. We are trying our best to step together. You are struggling. Like falling down a flight of stairs, let’s fall in love. We’ll play it by ear as we make our way together. We’ll be fine~”

The Bad: 

Like always, with a lot of good there is always some bad. So let’s go over the couple of bad things about Wotakoi(which aren’t about the show itself)

So in order to watch Wotakoi on a legal platform, you have to have Amazon prime(which is costly in and of itself). Though thankfully you can get a free 30 day trial to Amazon prime at first so you have plenty of time to watch this show for free during that time(only for new subscribers, not sponsored).

Another minor problem is that it’s so short! The anime for Wotakoi traverses 11 episodes(which is an episode shorter than the normal 12 episode run), thankfully the manga is out there both in hard copy and digital so if you want more, those options are available.

The Final Thought:

Wotakoi is a splendid look into the life of Otaku Office workers and their trials and tribulations of having a relationship with someone who enjoys the same things as you do. It’s a cute slice of life show with a basis of realism in the nature of humans in love with one another. The opening is a bop, the characters are relatable and are brought to life by a really fun cast of seiyuu and the ed is a charming wind down to every episode.

In my book Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku gets a 4.5/5 from me, Highly recommend it to those who enjoy a slice of life comedy or those who need a show that you can also understand on a real level.


Thank you for reading my review of Wotakoi! I’ll see you again next month with another Monthly Blog update, until next time!

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

The Month of May


Hello and welcome to my first of what is hopefully many monthly blogs…

As you see above the month of May was Mental Health Awareness Month, to help spread and stop the stigmatism surrounding Mental Health in all individuals.

Here are a few of the charities you can donate to

The JED Foundation:


For myself this month has been very trying both Physically and Mentally, which seems to be a running theme for me in the month of May. It’s always this month where I seem to struggle Physically(feeling tired all the time, can barely breathe because of sinuses), Mentally(letting my emotions get the best of me, telling myself there’s no point to get into better shape when I’ll just throw it away, being overtly jealous of people succeeding in their goals) and Financially.

Though this month I’ve been able to accomplish some small goals for myself as well. I finished a couple of anime that I had been meaning to finish and have slowly been catching up with Pro wrestling. This month I fully caught up with Major League Wrestling on Youtube and have been having a blast watching it, with all the unique talent on the show, they know how to put on a show in a little under an hour! I have also been slowly catching up on the Best of the Super Juniors tournament going on right now in New Japan Pro Wrestling, it’s been really fun to see all the different styles and familiar names popping up through the tournament and how dominant some of them have been(Shingo Takagi all the way!).

I also got to witness the biggest change wrestling has seen in a long time with AEW’s Double or Nothing, the first ever PPV for new budding Wrestling Company All Elite Wrestling featured some of the biggest indie wrestling talent from all over the world and showcased how fun and cool pro wrestling can be. From a crazy over the top Battle Royal to lead off the show to a fantastic one on one match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega, this show definitely had it all. My personal recommendations from the show include the Battle Royal on the pre-show, the Woman’s match between Britt Baker, Kylie Rae and Nyla Rose(along with a special guest ;)), the tag match between the Best Friends(Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta) and Jack Evans and Angelico, the battle of the brothers in Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes and the Tag Match between the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers(Penta El Cero Meido and Fenix).

We also had the quiet release of the newest game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise with FNAF VR, which has been really interesting to me(more or less because I enjoy the lore of this game). I’ve been watching the typical suspects when it comes to this stuff with Markiplier and MatPat(of Game Theory) live streaming his play through of it, both of which have been super fun to watch! Watching MatPat figure out the lore of the game has been really incredible on how quick he’s been able to put so much together so quick!

Very late into the month(literally like a day or two ago) we also got the announcement that Love Live Fest will be happening at some point this year and will feature the returning U’s! Seeing everyone post about how great U’s was when they where going strong has been amazing and it’s so cool to see that so many people that went on to support Aqours and now Perfect Dream Project still have a huge amount of love for the original group! My heart swelled with so much pride that so many of us have taken part in such an amazing fandom!

This past month has been a trying one for me for sure but I hope that this month will be better for me since it’s not only my birth month but also Pride month. Hoping I can do something to celebrate both at some point and I’ll keep working towards my goal of trying to keep myself healthy as well.

Thank you for reading my Blog for the month of May and I’ll see you again at the end of June for the next installment, if not sooner for a review 😉


See you again!

The Month of May

Under going some changes

Hello everyone, it’s been a very very long time since I last posted here. I plan to return here soon with monthly blog posts mostly and maybe the occasional review here or there. Allow me to walk you through everything that’s happened.

First and foremost, after much soul searching, I figured out that I’m Bisexual. I had been denying myself the fact that I was both into Men and Woman for a long time. Sadly that has lead to having to get rid of people who I used to associate with because they weren’t very good people to begin with(toxic attitudes towards People of Color, LGBTQIA+ members etc etc).

Second of all, The M.S.D.F(Mahou Shoujo Defense Force) is no longer an active panel group. Due to differences labeled above along with the fact that (at least two of us) have slowed drastically down on our anime intake. I still watch anime and read manga, it just takes me a lot longer to finish shows now and I’m less inclined to keep up with seasonal shows. I pretty much take recommendations from friends or by social media perspective.

There all of you are caught up, Hope you all understand and welcome to back to my corner of thoughts

Under going some changes

The Year In Wrestling, 2016


Hello There! Let me take a moment of your time to talk about something that has been near and dear to my heart for 2o years, Pro Wrestling.

This year has been all over the map for Pro Wrestling as we’ve seen incredible highs(with amazing five star matches) and horrid lows(with matches that should have never happened). But let’s start at the beginning of the year with Wrestle Kingdom 10

Wrestle Kingdom 10 featured a handful of incredible matches! Three of which are considered match of the year candidates and high recommendations from myself.

Tomohiro Ishii vs Katsuyori Shibata for the Never openweight title, a brutally hard hitting contest between two of the hardest hitting guys in the business right now. Stiff kicks, brutal chops and devastating forearms is the best way to describe this match. A must see for those who want to witness why it’s called Strong Style.

AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, both guys gave everything they had in this contest. Putting on one final big contest in front of thousands of fans at the Tokyo Dome is what these guys do best. One of the most talked about matches of the year because shortly after WK10 both men left to make names for themselves in WWE. Like any normal Nakamura match, it’s hard hitting but also technical contest featuring two of the most brutal Bomaye knees Nakamura has ever delivered. A must see for those who want to know more about both Styles and Nakamura.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, a storied rivalry between these two men came to ahead in this contest. Okada had never beaten the veteran Tanahashi at the Tokyo Dome and Tanahashi had Okada’s number for a majority of the year. What came down to a contest of wills, Tanahashi vs Okada was one to remember and a high recommend from me!

New Japan Pro has had a calendar year for wrestling and speaking of calendar years, let’s not forget about Bullet Club. Finn Balor(Fergal Devitt/Prince Devitt) winning the Universal title, AJ Style winning the WWE World Title, Kenny Omega winning the G1 Climax tournament, The Young Bucks super kicking their way through the Indy scene and having both the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag titles and the ROH tag titles at the same time, Adam Cole joining Bullet Club and subsequent unseating of Jay Lethal as ROH World Champion and the recent announcement of the Grand-Son of a Plumber Cody Rhodes joining it seems like they’ll continue to rise through the next year!

Let’s talk about the middle shall we?

Lucha Underground is the hot commodity this year, with a successful season 2(ending with Ultima Lucha 2) and building towards an even better season 3 ending, Lucha Underground has taken off and become a popular choice for people to watch on Wednesday nights. Also having a couple of matches that could easily be in talks for match of the year helps too(in my opinion).

Sexy Starr vs. Mariposa in a No Mas Match, if it was an example of Woman’s wrestling done right this year, it was this match. Mariposa had been stalking and terrifying Sexy Starr for weeks along with her brother Marty “The Moth. In order to overcome her fear of Mariposa, Sexy Starr challenged her to a No Mas Match(I Quit Match). A match that features a brutal brawl of two woman beating each other senseless and Sexy Starr defying Mariposa every step of the way, this match really helped Sexy Starr stand out this year as an incredible talent on the Lucha Underground roster.

Prince Puma vs Rey Mysterio at Ultima Lucha 2, the proverbial Student vs Master passing of the torch match. Puma felt the need to prove himself to not only the fans but to himself, and what better way to do that than to beat the legend Rey Mysterio? A fantastic contest between both men that featured plenty of high flying. Proof that Mysterio still has “it” and that the new lucha generation has what it takes.

With an incredible season 3 going on right now, Lucha Underground is setting up for an incredible Ultima Lucha 3!

Now let’s talk about *sigh* the others…

Let’s start with TNA/Impact Wrestling…

In a year marred by backstage politics and poor decisions, only a hand full of things/people have stood out from this company. One of the people that have stood out has been Drew Galloway, winning his first major title with the company this year and now him going after the new title that was introduced this year, he’s been making a name for himself this year in the company.

Another has been Eli Drake, a guy that has continually stood out with his incredible promos and feuds with Aaron Rex and Ethan Carter the 3rd. He’s been having a hell of a year thus far and I hope to see him succeed next year as well.

Another has been Moose, after a hell of a run in ROH he debuted this year as a bodyguard to Mike Bennett and he proceeded to have a fantastic run through the rest of this year. Recently having one his first title with the company this year as well, hopefully we’ll see him succeed to greater heights next year.

The Final and most successful name in Impact Wrestling this year, Matt Hardy aka Broken Matt Hardy. Starting the year as Big Money Matt Hardy, he was Broken by his brother Jeff during a match and thus proceeded the biggest undertaking in Impact history. Matt eventually challenged his brother to a match where it all started in Cameron, North Carolina called…The Final Deletion and it all went uphill from there.

and finally…WWE…

What can I say, well in a year full of ups and downs(mostly downs) and marred with bad decisions WWE has had it’s moments.

Starting off with what most consider not the best Wrestlemania in recent history, WWE has had a roller coaster year. The Matches to mention at Wrestlemania are include The Woman’s Title match, which saw the beginning of a new title and the slow fall of a division. The Intercontinental title Ladder match, which while it was a fun result immediately saw the devaluing of a title the next night after with it switching hands. The WWE World Heavyweight title match, which to most was the beginning of the downfall.

Now in the middle of the year WWE tried to change things by having another draft, some will say that it did but others say it made it worse. With such a small roster WWE was forced to raid it’s developing brand NXT. While not exactly a bad thing(with bringing up both Finn Balor and Alexa Bliss)it also left a fairly big hole in NXT.

And speaking of NXT…it definitely had the better year, with bringing in Shinsuke Nakamura from New Japan, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode and Eric Young. An incredible amount of talent and matches have happened for the NXT brand.

The debut of Shinsuke Nakamura was one to remember as he faced Sami Zayn at NXT Takeover Dallas and both men left it all out there as they wage a battle that is considered by many to be one of the matches of the year. Also with the great series of matches between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe that also happened this year, Bobby Roode’s unforgettable debut(and subsequent theme song) against No Way Jose and Eric Young finally debuting in the group known as Sanity, NXT has had a very big calendar year. Much better than that of the main roster.

Along with a great Tag Division and the rising Woman’s division, it’s safe to say NXT will have better years to come on top of this one.

Now back to the main roster. With Roadblock:end of the line happening a few days ago, the landscape has changed for possibly the worst. With Raw not only devaluing the US Title but also it’s woman’s title(with a proverbial game of hot potato), the stand out of the RAW brands have been Finn Balor winning the Universal title(and subsequent forfeit because of injury) and New Day becoming the longest reigning tag team champions of all time(only to lose them to a thrown together tag team, though the new RAW tag team titles look excellent).

Can’t forget about Smackdown can we? Smackdown has definitely had a better product. Unfortunately they have the same problem with the mid card title in devaluing the Intercontinental title and the devaluing of the main event scene by including some jobber named James Ellsworth into the Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles feud. Though those have been the only problems with Smackdown since the draft.

It’s been quite the up and down 2016 for the crazy world of wrestling, with indie promotions becoming a huge factor for the big names in wrestling and finally gaining their own spot light(WCPW, Progress, ICW etc etc). Hopefully 2017 will bring us more excitement for Wrestling and less disappointment.

This has been my blog about the 2016 year of Wrestling, thank you for reading! hopefully you guys liked it!

Until next time,

This is Pervy Fatman

I’ll See You on the Other Side!

The Year In Wrestling, 2016

Top 11 Summer Anime 2016!

Hello! Welcome to my review of the Top 11 anime from Summer 2016! Let’s get right into it shall we!

Number 11.


Hida Kizuna possesses the Heart Hybrid Gear ability, but it is not strong enough to make him important. His older sister calls him to transfer to a strategic defense school, where many of the students(many of which are girls) use their Heart Hybrid Gear to fight invaders from another world.

Masou Gakuen HxH is a show that uses it’s ecchi and comedy to it’s advantage. With the “fun” character interactions with Kizuna and the girls after his heart to the almost absurd moments of ecchi during the battle scenes, Masou Gakuen HxH may not be for everyone. Though it’s in the same vein as Infinite Straos(a harem that heavily relies on ecchi), it shouldn’t deter you from watching it at least once. I would recommend watching it uncensored as the censorship does take away quite a bit from the show that the story itself tries to add.

So with a balance of ecchi, comedy and character interaction, Masou Gakuen HxH gets a 7.5/10 from me.

Number 10.


One day, Naho Takamiya receives a letter written to herself from ten years in the future. The letter recites the exact events of the day, including the transfer of a new student into her class name Kakeru Naruse.

Based on the manga, Orange is the story of a group of friends going through the struggles of life both in and out of school. Character interaction is a huge focus in this show both during the present time and during the future portions of the show, especially with Naho and her group of friends and the objective that gets set before them in the present time. The story itself is beautifully well written and it really brings out the emotion that was set in the manga.

With good character interaction and a well written story, Orange gets an 8/10 from me!

Number 9.


Mahiru Shirota, a high school student who likes simple things and dislikes difficult things. One Day, he picks up a stray black cat and gives him the name Kuro. From this moment a contract between Mahiru and the servant-vampire Kuro, also known as “Sleepy Ash”, is formed.

Servamp, based on the manga, is a show based around Vampires and contracts that they make with their counter parts. Character interaction is definitely a big point to Servamp as it really lets you get a feel for who the characters are and what their about. The story itself is actually very good because it goes in depth into Kuro and the some of the other vampires who interact with him and Mahiru. Though it definitely flew under the radar during the summer season, it unfortunately didn’t get as much attention as it probably should have.

So with pretty good character interaction and a pretty good story, Servamp gets an 8/10 from me.

Number 8.


Dismissed as a hopeless lose by those around him, 27 year old Arata Kaizaki bounces around from one job to another after quitting his first company. His Existence takes a sharp turn when he meets Ryou Yoake, a member of the ReLife Research Institute, who offers Arata a way to change his life for the better.

ReLife is a great anime that brings up the question “What If?” What if you had the opportunity to go back and change your life for the better, would you take the opportunity or would you stay the same? ReLife answers these questions and more throughout the series. Throughout the show you really connect with Arata and his struggle as he tries to correct his life with help from Yoake.

With a pretty good story and really relatable characters ReLife gets an 8/10 from me!

Number 7


During Prohibition, the law held no power and the mafia ruled the town. The story takes place in Lawless, a town thriving on black market sales of illicitly brewed liquor.

That’s all I can really tell you about 91 Days, the story follows a boy named Avilio who returns to the town of Lawless after some horrific circumstances when he was younger forced him to leave. The story of 91 Days is an almost definite nod to mafia movies of old as it explores what Avilio went through from a young age to when he finally returns to Lawless. The character building is also a definite nod as well with how well written each character in the show is.

So with a really great story and really really great character building, 91 Days get an 8/10 from me!

Number 6


Hope’s Peak Academy is a special school. This school has two courses: The main course and the preparatory course. The 77th class of the main course is filled with students who not only have unique abilities, but unique personalities as well.

Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc is the prequel story to the Danganronpa franchise. Taking place before the first game and setting up the arcs for both the first and second game, we’re introduced to a cast of fun and weird characters from the second game as we’re given a chance to see how everything develops into the story we know.

A big part of the Despair Arc is the character interaction, watching how the characters interact with one another before the second game is an interesting experience. Also learning the fact that everyone knows each other before the second game really opens up a whole different aspect towards the game.

Another big part of the show is the story, for a prequel to a successful game the story links itself together nicely. It really helps set up how important each game is in the franchise.

With really great character interaction and really great story writing, Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc gets an 8.5/10 from me!

Number 5


The world was close to being destroyed by Ultimate Despair, who caused “The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History”. In order to save this world from the event’s chaos, The Future Foundation was formed.

So that’s all I can say about this part of the show without spoiling everything. The sequel to the first game, Danganronpa 3 Future Arc rounds out the story for the original series. It follows remaining three remaining members of the first Danganronpa game, Makoto Naegi, Kyoko Kirigiri and Aoi Asahina.

Like Despair Arc both the character interaction and the story writing are a huge portion of this show, especially with how the DR 1 characters interact with the others and how it mixes into the story through out the third arc.

So with really great interaction and really great story writing, Danganronpa 3 Future Arc gets an 8.5/10 from me!

Number 4


Since the passing of his wife, Kouhei Inuzuka has been caring for his young daughter Tsumugi to the best of his abilities. However, with his lack of culinary knowledge and busy job as a teacher, he is left relying on ready-made meals from convenience stores to feed the little girl. This is where Kotori Iida comes in, as one of Kouhei’s students she offers to cook and share delicious homemade meals with him and his daughter.

Amaama to Inazuma aka Sweetness and Lightning is an amazingly fun and light hearted series but it also gives a sense of realism as well. A very big portion of this show focuses on Kouhei raising his daughter Tsumugi and how real it can be. The slice of life aspect in this show stands out overall and mixes really well with the character interaction in the show.

With incredible writing, character interaction and an amazing seiyuu cast. Amaama to Inazuma gets an 8.5/10 from me.

Number 3


Suzukaze Aoba graduates from high school and joins a game company. The person who made Aoba’s favorite game as a grade-schooler is her senior at the company.

The proverbial Cute girl show of the season, New Game is a light hearted work place comedy that really focuses on it’s characters while they make a game and get to know each other through their trials and tribulations. Aoba getting to know all her co-workers is a very fun part of the show because we really get an understanding of why they’re working for the company and why they chose the career path that they did.

With really fun character interaction and a pretty cool story, New Game! gets an 8.5/10 from me!

Number 2


Shokugeki no Soma Season 2!

Food Wars Season 2 picks up where Season one left off and continues the competition between the students Tootsuki Culinary Academy and what takes place after that.

Our favorite group of chefs return as we get to see an incredible cooking competition between the students. Of course the biggest portion of Season 2 is the huge amount of character interaction that takes place, from Soma and the other students to the teachers and the Alumni, the seiyuu do a fantastic job of bringing each character to life and giving them a wide range of emotions. The continuing story is also amazingly well done and follows the manga to a tee, which is all the more fun.

With incredible character interaction and an amazing following of the manga, Shokugeki no Soma Season 2 gets a 9/10 from me!

And Now…

Number 1


A self-proclaimed normal girl, Chika Takami has never joined any clubs and lacks any notable talents. However, after a visit to Tokyo, she discovers where even a normal girl like her can shine-The World of School Idols. Inspired by former school idols Ο’s, Chika is determined to start her own school idol club in here seaside hometown of Uranohosi Girl’s High School.

The new series in the Love Live franchise, we follow a whole new cast of characters as they try to become school idols. Obviously both character interaction and story writing is a huge focus of Love Live Sunshine but also how well drawn everything is also plays a big part of the show as well. Watching each girl interact with one another while getting to know them is special, it really lets us understand why each girl wants to become a school idol. The story is well paced as we get a chance to see the girls find their own identity as school idols(including finding their name for the group) and their place in the school idol world. The art(both character design and backgrounds) really stand out as through out the show we get a chance to see the beautiful sea side city that a majority of the show takes place along with a return to Tokyo!

With amazing character interaction, great story writing and beautiful character and background designs(bonus points for an amazing soundtrack), Love Live Sunshine gets a 9.5/10 from me!

And that’s my list for the Top 11 Summer Anime! What did you guys think?

Thank you guys so much for going through my list and reading it! Stay tuned for more by the way, I’ll be starting my Top anime from fall here soon.

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Top 11 Summer Anime 2016!