Getting to Know the Man behind the name part 2…

Welcome back,

Let’s pick up from where we left off shall we?

I’m sure you want to know the story behind my screen name right? Well let’s start a ways back during sometime in high school. It was during the mini war of websites known as the doujin wars, there was House Doujin-Moe and House Fakku. I used Doujin-Moe to read doujins on and off and figured there was nothing else that could beat it, that’s when HungLikeaZombie introduced me to a site called Fakku. It was here that I learned that there where so many more options for doujins, I mostly just lurked to read doujins but after seeing the forums a bunch of times I figured that I should create an account and introduce myself to the people that where like me! It took me quite some time to come up with my name but I finally settled on Pervy Fatman, since then it’s always been my screen name.

Moving on, I did nothing for quite some time outside of high school until I was told to either get a job or move out. Well that’s when I started looking for a job, I applied to various stores around the area and had success at two of them. Unfortunately they only gave me one interview and said they weren’t interested, after being turned down so many times I kinda gave up on that option for awhile. I also tried to apply for the community college but that fell through as well because of some unforseen circumstances and unhelpful people behind the desks. Eventually I heard about this new store opening up and immediately applied for a position there, unfortunately it was to work carts. I thankfully got hired and started on April 1st 2012(Thought I was technically hired on March 20th), I was absolutely miserable. Working in 110+ degree weather was pure torture for the first few months but I got used to it over time, after about a year or so working in carts I got tired of doing the same thing over and over again. I asked to do something different and my boss put me in the deli and seafood department.

I thought it would be better in said departments but boy was I wrong, the people where ruder and the department manager expected way to much to be done in one day especially when we where swamped with customers constantly. I got really fed up with everybody in that department and decided to go back to carts, then after working for so long in carts I got tired of working in that department again. I asked about learning how to cashier to move up, thankfully they agreed to teach me and I picked it up pretty quick when I first started. Since then I’ve been on and off with Cashiering and Carts(unfortunately people keep quitting) and I’ve started doing Grocery shifts. I mean I still deal with really really stupid people on a daily basis but the pay is sort of worth it, it helps me save up for conventions after all.

Currently now I’m a little over three years at this job and plan on staying for some time.

and that about wraps up what I can remember from my life. If you read this then I thank you for doing so!

until next time This Is Pervy Fatman

I’ll See You On The Other Side

Getting to Know the Man behind the name part 2…

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