The M.S.D.F in Viva Sabakon Vegas!

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If you  follow any of the members of the Mahou Shoujo Defense Force(if you follow HarimeNui12 I’m so sorry) you know that we decided to take up the challenge of Sabakon because of the many issues we had with the panel picking group for the regular local con that we go to. It’s not to say that we didn’t get panels for them, it’s to say that we weren’t necessarily happy with said panels that had gotten picked and not happy about how we were treated.

We saw that Sabakon had extended their time frame for panel submissions and quickly decided “It’s Vegas, why the hell not!” We submitted all of our regular panels and we ended up getting four that we really wanted to run! The Con starts on Saturday but we’ll be there in Vegas on Friday to have fun and enjoy Vegas for the weekend!

For those wondering the panels we were supposed to run at the local convention where

What The Futa(18+), this is our newest edition to our line of 18+ panel ideas that we have.

Trigger, this is where we would talk about the studio and the anime it has produced.

Gainax, pretty much the same as Trigger, except Gainax is a lot longer because we talk about all the good anime they’ve put out and skip the bad stuff.

Project Diva F, which is also new to us. Really we were going to just hook up a PS3 to play Project Diva F and talk about the game while we play it.

Two out of those four panels are ones we would have liked to run(What the Futa and Trigger) but our main problem is that we didn’t get a lot of our more interactive panels that we have like our variant of The Guide to F’d Up Hentai or Your Anime is (Not) Flawless. We love to involve our audience in our panels and their reactions to our panels as well, I mean it’s pretty funny see some ones reaction while voicing a character from a really F’d up doujin.

But for Sabakon we also got four panels as well, all of which we want to run. We even got two newer panels we submitted as well!

We’ve got:

Kill La Kill(Sunday 11:30 am- 12:30pm), this is where we talk about and show clips from one of our favorite shows from 2013, Kill La Kill. We’ve run this before to full rooms so we hope for the same turn out.

Don’t Waste Your Time(Sunday 6:30pm-8pm), this is where we will talk about certain anime that the audience suggests and we explain why they shouldn’t watch it and depending on what anime it is, we have different varied reactions.

Con Survival 101(Monday 10am-11am), We will be explaining how to survive a convention and more than likely sharing stories of our own accord. This is a new one for us but it should be a fun one none the less.

and last but not least

What the Futanari(18+)(Monday 1:30pm-2:30pm), plain and simple we’ll be talking about Futanari in both doujin and hentai form. This one should be interesting just to see the audience turn out.

Haven’t mentioned this yet, but this will be our first time to Sabakon! So four panels for our first time is actually really great. The staff have been way helpful to, we got in contact with them recently about badges and they’ve been nothing short of awesome for us! So a big shout out to them!

So be sure to come see us September 5th-7th in Las Vegas at Sabakon for some fun times and shenanigans along the way! Until then

This Is PervyFatman,

See You on The Other Side!


The M.S.D.F in Viva Sabakon Vegas!

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