Bit of an update…My Bad


Hey there everyone, I’m here to update everyone on the situation of my little site here. My bad by the way, I’ve been swamped recently with getting prepared for Kikori Con(and that didn’t work out right). Plus I’ve been on an almost 40 hour work week for the past almost month, so I haven’t exactly had much time recently to write reviews on things.

But let me tell you now that I’m hoping to have some time here this next couple of weeks with the holiday coming up, which I plan to start writing two reviews for my gaming side. Tomorrow I’ll be starting the first of two which will be my review of Persona 4 Dancing All Night, which will then be followed by my review of Dangan Ronpa Ultra Despair Girls.

After that I’m not sure, I might have some anime to re watch and review if I can get the time. I also have another game sitting around that I will probably review after I finish both of my others as well. It may take some time, but rest assured I will be posting more to my blog as I get the time.

Thank you everyone for your time and as usual

This is Pervy Fatman

I’ll see you on the other side.

Bit of an update…My Bad