That’s The Bottom Line…the WWE 2K16 Review


Hey all! Let’s get ready to rumble with this review of WWE 2K16 for PS4! I’m going to be doing things just a bit differently this time. Developed by Yukes and Visual Concepts and Published by 2K Sports, WWE 2K16 is a Wrestling Fighting Game.

So Let’s Start with the Good shall we?

2K Showcase: This is an awesome feature for this years WWE game, showcasing the best moments in Stone Cold Steve Austin’s career. As a fan of Austin from the early days of the Attitude Era to his eventual retirement, it was very cool to see his early days in WCW as Stunning Steve Austin and his short run in ECW as Superstar Steve Austin. The commentary aspect was great as they had the old school commentary team of Good Ol’ J.R. and Jerry “The King” Lawler, the cut scenes mix themselves between the in game engine and actual footage which is great because with how well they are captured through the engine of the game.

Besides the actual game play, the cut scenes are definitely my favorite portion of the Showcase because it brings me back to when I watched wrestling in the early days(back during the Attitude Era, which I grew up with) and how awesome wrestling really was. Ranging from the early days of Stone Cold’s career as Stunning Steve Austin with the Hollywood Blondes and Brian Pillman to his career in ECW as Superstar Steve Austin and his feud with Mikey Whipwreck(Kudos to 2K for getting Joey Styles to do commentary on that portion BTW, That was awesome). From the founding of Austin 3:16 to his feud with The Rock at Wrestlemania 17 and 19, the 2K Showcase of Stone Cold Steve Austin is a must play portion of WWE 2K16 for me.

Moving on…

Wrestler Creation is back once again this year and boy is it ever in depth! Everything from the creation of the facial structure to the creation of your gear both in and out of the ring, it’s a huge improvement over the last few years of WWE games. It is actually a lot easier this year as well, the improvement shown with the creation is amazing with how 2K sports has taken care of this essential part of the game. Even the Move Set and Entrance creation is very in depth with a variety of old classic moves and new showy moves and from the music, right down to the timing of the lights, camera effects and Pyro timing, everything has gotten a definite upgrade from the older games this year!

and another thing…

Career Mode makes it return again this year with a brand new set up and a brand new way to become a Hall of Famer! Of course this year you start off in the training facility learning the ropes and how the controls work, which is a huge help for people who haven’t played a WWE game in the last two years(I.E. Me). You then move up into NXT and face a variety of talent ranging from Hideo Itami, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and the NXT champion Finn Balor. Of course after climbing high enough you move up to the main card to go after your championship of choice in The U.S. Title(Held by John Cena), the Intercontinental Title(Held by Ryback), The Tag Team Titles(Held by the Prime Time Players) and the WWE World Heavyweight Title(Held by Seth Rollins). Of course through your journey to whatever title you choose you end up having people who like you and can make an eventual tag team with and people who hate you and have huge rivalries with. Both of which are super convenient for the Career Mode! Definitely play worthy.

Did Somebody Say…

Yes, Universe mode is back this year as well! I myself(along with a friend) have had a blast setting up our own Universe. Of course setting up the Universe itself is super easy, especially when you live and die by the Random button to draft each individual superstar/diva to your respective brand, whether it be RAW, NXT, Smackdown or whatever you want to change it to! You can also change every title on your respective brand as well to even further customize it as well! You can also create any rivalry you want as well and with the huge roster this year it can make for some really really fun moments! Definitely one of my favorite things about the game!

Ok now that the good stuff has been put out on the table, it’s time to look on the opposite side of this game.

Even after the 2 gigabyte and some change update, the game is riddled with glitches and bugs.

Examples: I had a match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in universe mode which I had to restart because Seth had pinned Roman and Roman’s grab the rope skill triggered which should have stopped the pin but they got stuck there with Roman’s hand on the rope and Seth still pinning him.

Of course that just one of the few things that has happened with this game.

People getting glitched out when running the ropes, the referee walking right in front of major moments, frame rate drops during a run in with pyro active. But this biggest glitch that I ran into that existed in WWE 2K15 before, I ended up winnning the tag titles in my career mode from a tag team that weren’t the tag team champions.

I have also encountered another glitch which involves the OMG table moment, you set up your opponent against the announce table and hit the corresponding button to trigger the moment. I’ve had my opponent up on the table where it didn’t trigger the special move I set for the OMG ability and I’ve also had it to where my opponent glitched off the table back to a standing position on the floor next to the table. Unfortunately both ways you automatically lose the finisher built up while trying to do the OMG moment.

We also have gotten a lot of the same commentary from the older WWE games making a return in this game as well and while it being mixed with the new commentary really drags down the commentary yet again this year.

That’s all the bad stuff on the table as well

All together WWE 2K16 is a huge upgrade from previous years games but still has some pretty bad things in it.

I definitely recommend this game for WWE fans who want to play a better game than 2K15 or 14 but for the non WWE fan I wouldn’t recommend it.

Well that’s it for my review of WWE 2k16

So until next time, This is Pervy Fatman

I’ll see you on the other side.

That’s The Bottom Line…the WWE 2K16 Review