Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End review!


Welcome to my Review of Uncharted 4!

The Story of Nathan Drake Continues, several years after the events of Uncharted 3. Nathan Drake who has since retired from fortune hunting, embarks on a new adventure with a special guest and his long time treasure hunting partner Sully in search of Captain Henry Avery’s long lost treasure. From Panama to Italy to Scotland to Madagascar, Nathan Drake goes from exotic locale to locale, fighting new enemies and finding clues along the way.

The writing of the story itself is absolutely fantastic, the combination of a Nathan Drake that we’re not used to seeing(older and retired) and the mass adventure of the newest treasure to hunt for is amazing. The fact that we actually get to see Nathan Drake’s origin from a young age being left in an orphanage to being in a Panama prison much later on really gives a chance to finally know Nathan Drake inside and out.

Of course being an Uncharted game there are bound to be some puzzles and other tough spots to get out of. Very early in the game(In the Panama level) you get your first taste of what the Puzzles are going to be like in this game, while difficult for those who aren’t used to puzzles, they can be easily solved with some time and effort by those who are. The hardest puzzle comes in the form of lining up three crosses in the Scotland level, which took this reviewer at least a half an hour to solve.

Beyond the amazing story, there is also a multiplayer mode!

Amongst the multiplayer mode there are four different types of game modes to choose. One is the standard Team Deathmatch where the first team to 40 Ko’s wins the round. Second is a capture the point type of game called Command where the teams fight over three command zones and the first to 700 wins the round. Third is Plunder which is a capture the flag type of game which both teams try to secure an idol in their respective chests and of course Fourth and finally is Ranked Team Deathmatch which is the standard Team Deathmatch but the players are ranked and matched on their performance in the game.

Now across the game types you also get some pretty cool weaponry, abilities and gear.

The Main Weapons are: AK-47, FAL, M14 Custom, XCR, MP34a, Mettler-M30, HS39, Mazur LDR and the Spezzotti 12 Gauge. Each weapon is unique, there are automatic weapons, semi automatic weapons, sniper rifles and a pump action shotgun. Of course these also come with side arms of various degree(both automatic and semi automatic)

There are also special abilities known as Mysticals which stem from the Uncharted games more so the stories of Uncharted

They are: The Staff of Ayar Manco: a staff that sends out pulses which reveals enemies on the radar for a short period of time. The Wrath of El Dorado: a thrown attack which summons El Dorado that launches specters that seek out and damage near by enemies. The Cintamani Stone: A powerful stone that revives downed allies after they have been injured. The Spirit of Djinn: When activated it’s power renders you invisible and let’s you gain a speed boost while rolling or jumping from a rope swing and finally Indra’s Eternity: when thrown it creates a field which slows all movements. Each ability can be used to your advantage during the rounds of multiplayer.

There is also the gear add-on’s that will also add an extra advantage to your set up.

There are Grenades, Revive Packs, Mines, C4 and Smoke Bombs which all work with varying degrees of success.

There are also heavy weapons such as an RPG, a Barok 44 high caliber pistol, a Condor semi automatic shotgun, an ARX 160 fast firing automatic rifle, a China Lake pump action Grenade Launcher and a Stoner 63 automatic light machine gun. All of which can also be used to varying degrees of success.

and finally the one of the most important aspects of your multiplayer set up…Sidekicks!

The Sniper which defends you and your team from afar with her rifle skills.

The Savior which will revive you and your teammates and distribute ammo as well.

The Hunter which tracks down enemies and puts them in a choke hold for the KO or however long it takes for you to attack the opponent in the choke hold.

and Finally the Brute which assaults the enemy team by laying down suppressing fire.

So with a very well written story, beautiful backgrounds, amazing character interaction and a really fun multiplayer Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gets an 9/10 from me!

This has been my review of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, hope you guys enjoyed it!

This is Pervy Fatman,

I’ll See You Guys On The Other Side.



Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End review!

That’s The Bottom Line…the WWE 2K16 Review


Hey all! Let’s get ready to rumble with this review of WWE 2K16 for PS4! I’m going to be doing things just a bit differently this time. Developed by Yukes and Visual Concepts and Published by 2K Sports, WWE 2K16 is a Wrestling Fighting Game.

So Let’s Start with the Good shall we?

2K Showcase: This is an awesome feature for this years WWE game, showcasing the best moments in Stone Cold Steve Austin’s career. As a fan of Austin from the early days of the Attitude Era to his eventual retirement, it was very cool to see his early days in WCW as Stunning Steve Austin and his short run in ECW as Superstar Steve Austin. The commentary aspect was great as they had the old school commentary team of Good Ol’ J.R. and Jerry “The King” Lawler, the cut scenes mix themselves between the in game engine and actual footage which is great because with how well they are captured through the engine of the game.

Besides the actual game play, the cut scenes are definitely my favorite portion of the Showcase because it brings me back to when I watched wrestling in the early days(back during the Attitude Era, which I grew up with) and how awesome wrestling really was. Ranging from the early days of Stone Cold’s career as Stunning Steve Austin with the Hollywood Blondes and Brian Pillman to his career in ECW as Superstar Steve Austin and his feud with Mikey Whipwreck(Kudos to 2K for getting Joey Styles to do commentary on that portion BTW, That was awesome). From the founding of Austin 3:16 to his feud with The Rock at Wrestlemania 17 and 19, the 2K Showcase of Stone Cold Steve Austin is a must play portion of WWE 2K16 for me.

Moving on…

Wrestler Creation is back once again this year and boy is it ever in depth! Everything from the creation of the facial structure to the creation of your gear both in and out of the ring, it’s a huge improvement over the last few years of WWE games. It is actually a lot easier this year as well, the improvement shown with the creation is amazing with how 2K sports has taken care of this essential part of the game. Even the Move Set and Entrance creation is very in depth with a variety of old classic moves and new showy moves and from the music, right down to the timing of the lights, camera effects and Pyro timing, everything has gotten a definite upgrade from the older games this year!

and another thing…

Career Mode makes it return again this year with a brand new set up and a brand new way to become a Hall of Famer! Of course this year you start off in the training facility learning the ropes and how the controls work, which is a huge help for people who haven’t played a WWE game in the last two years(I.E. Me). You then move up into NXT and face a variety of talent ranging from Hideo Itami, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and the NXT champion Finn Balor. Of course after climbing high enough you move up to the main card to go after your championship of choice in The U.S. Title(Held by John Cena), the Intercontinental Title(Held by Ryback), The Tag Team Titles(Held by the Prime Time Players) and the WWE World Heavyweight Title(Held by Seth Rollins). Of course through your journey to whatever title you choose you end up having people who like you and can make an eventual tag team with and people who hate you and have huge rivalries with. Both of which are super convenient for the Career Mode! Definitely play worthy.

Did Somebody Say…

Yes, Universe mode is back this year as well! I myself(along with a friend) have had a blast setting up our own Universe. Of course setting up the Universe itself is super easy, especially when you live and die by the Random button to draft each individual superstar/diva to your respective brand, whether it be RAW, NXT, Smackdown or whatever you want to change it to! You can also change every title on your respective brand as well to even further customize it as well! You can also create any rivalry you want as well and with the huge roster this year it can make for some really really fun moments! Definitely one of my favorite things about the game!

Ok now that the good stuff has been put out on the table, it’s time to look on the opposite side of this game.

Even after the 2 gigabyte and some change update, the game is riddled with glitches and bugs.

Examples: I had a match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in universe mode which I had to restart because Seth had pinned Roman and Roman’s grab the rope skill triggered which should have stopped the pin but they got stuck there with Roman’s hand on the rope and Seth still pinning him.

Of course that just one of the few things that has happened with this game.

People getting glitched out when running the ropes, the referee walking right in front of major moments, frame rate drops during a run in with pyro active. But this biggest glitch that I ran into that existed in WWE 2K15 before, I ended up winnning the tag titles in my career mode from a tag team that weren’t the tag team champions.

I have also encountered another glitch which involves the OMG table moment, you set up your opponent against the announce table and hit the corresponding button to trigger the moment. I’ve had my opponent up on the table where it didn’t trigger the special move I set for the OMG ability and I’ve also had it to where my opponent glitched off the table back to a standing position on the floor next to the table. Unfortunately both ways you automatically lose the finisher built up while trying to do the OMG moment.

We also have gotten a lot of the same commentary from the older WWE games making a return in this game as well and while it being mixed with the new commentary really drags down the commentary yet again this year.

That’s all the bad stuff on the table as well

All together WWE 2K16 is a huge upgrade from previous years games but still has some pretty bad things in it.

I definitely recommend this game for WWE fans who want to play a better game than 2K15 or 14 but for the non WWE fan I wouldn’t recommend it.

Well that’s it for my review of WWE 2k16

So until next time, This is Pervy Fatman

I’ll see you on the other side.

That’s The Bottom Line…the WWE 2K16 Review

Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s Showtime! The Skullgirls Review

Legend tells of an ancient artifact that can grant a women’s wish…THE SKULL HEART

However, if she is impure of heart her wish will be corrupted and she will be turned into an immensely powerful, twisted being of destruction…THE SKULL GIRL

A new Skullgirl has risen; who will defeat her and claim the Skull Heart?


A game that was Developed by Lab Zero Games and published by Autumn Games and Marvelous AQL.

Skullgirls is a fast-paced, 2D fighting game which was first released in North America through digital release on the Playstation Network but was released a day later on Xbox Live Arcade. It was also released later on PC for Steam and later on again for the PS4 under the name 2nd Encore.

Skullgirls was designed to be a tournament fighter while remaining approachable for the casual fighting game player. It also features the most frames of animation per character of any fighting game while being hand drawn and enhanced by a powerful 3D engine.

Skullgirls features a six button fighting style that gives a huge variety of attacks and special moves. It also features a Variable Tag Battle system that let’s players pit mismatched teams of 1, 2 or 3 characters against one another. Your also able to have custom assists to outfit your team for endless strategic possiblities

But enough on that! Let’s hit the character list and find out who is who amongst the competitors

Let’s start with…


Double is a monstrous transforming creature that has a stoic demeanor but is known to have bouts of pure rage and hatred. As an ally to the Skullgirl, so comes her powers of transformation which she uses to ensure the creation of new Skullgirls. She is capable of transforming into that of any person but she often takes on an appearance of a smiling nun(pictured above) known as Sister Agatha.

Next is…


At the ripe age of 16, Filia was a normal school girl until one night, her hair was possessed by the Parasite known as Samson which resulted in Amnesia. She has been named the “protagonist/main character” of Skullgirls which is possibly because she has been the most used in most of the game’s advertisements and cover art. She’s known to be kind and friendly young lady who gives people the benefit of the doubt unfortunately this makes her extremely naive as well. Her design was inspired by Millia Rage from the Guilty Gear series who also fights with her magic hair.



Formerly a Human Girl named Patricia Watson who was turned into an Anti-Skullgirl biomechanical weapon by Dr. Avian, her gang which is also her arsenal consists of the Avery Unit who are Andy Anvil, Tommy Ten-Tons, George Bomb and Lonesome Lenny.

Not only is she one of the original eight characters but she also has the most unique assist characters. She is also one of the youngest characters on the roster at the age of 13, though she is capable of aging.



The Princess of the Renoir family, the rulers of the Canopy Kingdom, and the Older Sister of Umbrella. She is the daughter of King Franz and Queen Nancy(the previous Skullgirl). She wields the Living Weapon Krieg in battle and commands the group known as the Black Egrets. Parasoul is known to be firm, fair, wise and diligent leader who has vowed to protect her kingdom with the Black Egrets at her side. While she is known to have a solemn demeanor, she tends to become furious when people put her loved ones in danger but she is also known to show sorrow towards those who are suffering showing that she is also a very caring leader and a kind ruler.



Also referred to by her full name Nadia Fortune is a feline feral who was rendered undead by the Life Gem that she swallowed although she is still capable of feeling pain. She likes to make friends but is known to be a wise cracking trouble maker that loves puns as well. She is a sharp fighter with even sharper claws but her true power comes from the Life Gem she swallowed because it gave her Unlimited Regenerative Abilities!



Once known as a sweet, caring school girl named Carol she was kidnapped by Valentine and Brain Drain and transformed into the monster that she is now. Her personality tends to be mistaken at first glance, she has the appearance of a monster however she was able to keep control of her mind over Brain Drain and was able to think and act for herself. She has an ability called Hatred Install where Painwheel can power herself up with Immense Rage which boosts her in game abilities.



The last surviving member of The Last Hope and currently working with Double and Marie(the Current Skullgirl). She was responsible for Painwheel’s transformation under the direction of Brain Drain. There is actually little known about Valentine other than she was a Last Hope operative and serves the Skullgirl out of self-preservation but also in the hopes of researching the powers that control the Skull Heart behind enemy lines.



The first of many DLC Characters, Sienna Contiello or more commonly known as Squigly is an undead girl, kept sentient thanks to her family’s parasite, Leviathan. She is graceful, calm and well-mannered, but tough and determined to complete her mission. She is essentially a zombie but unlike most undead, being host to Leviathan allowed her to retain her own thoughts and personality. Her movements in-game even reference the Jiangshi, the Chinese “hopping” zombie/vampire.



also known as Ben Birdland, was once a policeman in New Meridian, before being turned into a cybernetic weapon by Dr. Avian of Lab 8. Another DLC character and the first male character in Skullgirls, he is an observant detective who is committed to using his abilities to stop Skullgirls. He maintains himself to be calm and collected and prefers to talk things out but he will not hesitate to fight back when he has to.



Fukua is a physical clone of Filia(with her Parasite Shamone being a clone of Samson) who contains two souls: one who was the strongest at close combat and the other being the strongest at ranged attacks. She was created by Brain Drain but however she is a joke character and her existence is non-canonical. Unlike the others she is known to smile when she finishes with her Blockbuster move, suggesting she has some masochistic inclinations.



She is the Celebrity Diva of New Meridian’s premiere nightclub, Bastet’s Den. She is the mistress of Albus and Horace, and the host to the skeletal Parasite Sekhmet for untold years. She is yet another DLC character for the game, being created shortly after Squigly and Big Band. She is known as a diva who loves to be the center of attention, despite running a charity blood drive she also has a greedy side. She is also known to be ruthless to those who oppose her.


Beowulf is a professional wrestler who retired at the height of his professional wrestling career, defeating the seemingly unbeatable Grendel as well as his frenzied Gigan mom. Years later, he became restless and wondered if that was his limit? He soon announced his plans to fight again but what he didn’t mention was that it wouldn’t be in the ring since there was no telling when his greatest opponent would show up.

next and final…


Robo-Fortune is a robot created by Brain Drain in the likeness of Nadia Fortune. As a robot she has a variety of utilities that are used to eliminate her opponents, they range from laser cannons, extendable and rotatable limbs from her body, giant chainsaws and much more.

and that my friends is the cast of Skullgirls!

What about the music you may ask? The music in the game is a mix of Haunting Gothic Themes, Jazz and Rock that lends itself perfectly to the Skullgirls ‘Dark Deco’ style.

Below is a video with the music of Skullgirls for your listening pleasure!

And the story?

Each character has their own individual story line leading up to each of their own original endings. Every story though does lead up to a final battle with the Skullgirl known as Marie.

With fun gameplay, a fun cast of character, a kicking soundtrack and each individual story line being really well written and put together.

Skullgirls gets an 9.0/10 from me!

Well this has been my review of Skullgirls, I hope you guys enjoyed it and hopefully this review has inspired you to play this game!

This is Pervy Fatman,

See you on the other side!


Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s Showtime! The Skullgirls Review

Get Your Game On! Video Game Reviews



Oh! Hello there, since time has stopped welcome to my first ever video game review! Since we’re on the subject of Shonen Fighters what more of a fitting game to review than

J-Stars Victory VS+

This is a game developed by Spike Chunsoft and Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was originally released in Japan on March 19, 2014 for the PS3 and the PSVita, since then it was released in both North America and Europe almost a year later on June 26, 2015(Europe) and June 30, 2015(North America) respectively. It now also has a PS4 version in both North America and Europe as well to go along with its PS3 and PSVita counter parts. But enough of the legal jazz let’s get right down to brass tacks shall we?

Let’s Start With The Cast!

J-Star Victory VS+ features a wide variety of shonen style characters to fight with including..

Oga & Baby Beel(Beelzebub…*shivers*) Playable Character

Koro-Sensei(Assassination Classroom) Playable Character

Aizen, Ichigo and Rukia(Bleach)Playable Characters(Aizen, Ichigo) Support Characters(Rukia)

Bo-bobo(Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo) Playable Character

Allen(D.Gray-man) Support Character

Taro(Chinyuuki) Playable Character

Goku, Vegeta and Frieza(Dragon Ball Z) Playable Characters

Arale Norimaki(Dr. Slump) Playable Character

Raoh and Kenshiro(Fist of the North Star) Playable Characters

Kagura and Sadaharu and Gintoki(Gintama) Playable Character(Gintoki) Support Character(Kagura and Sadaharu)

Nube(Hell Teacher Nube) Playable Character

Hinata Shoyo(Haikyuu) Support Character

Killua, Gon and Hisoka(Hunter x Hunter) Playable Characters(Gon and Killua) Support Character(Hisoka)

Jonathan Joestar and Joseph Joestar(JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) Playable Characters

Tetsuya Kuroko(Kuroko’s Basketball) Support Character

Kumagawa and Medaka(Medaka Box) Playable Character(Medaka) Support Character(Kumagawa)

Sasuke, Naruto and Madara(Naruto Shippuden) Playable Characters

Luffy, Ace, Boa Hancock and Akainu(One Piece) Playable Characters

Chitoge Kirisaki(Nisekoi) Support Character

Jaguar Junichi(Pwhoo! Blows the Jaguar) Support Character

Kenshin and Shishio(Rurouni Kenshin) Playable Characters

Tsuna and Reborn(Katekyo Hitman Reborn) Playable Character

Kusuo Saiki(Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan) Playable Character

Momotaro Tsurugi and Heihachi Edajima(Sakigake!! Otokojuku) Playable Character(Momotaro) Support Character(Edajima)

Pegasus Seiya(Saint Seiya) Playable Character

The Sket-Dan aka Himeko, Bossun and Switch(Sket Dance) Support Characters

Kankichi Ryotsu(This Is Kameari Park Police Station, Katsushika Ward) Playable Character

Luckyman(Such a Luckyman!) Playable Character

Toriko and Zebra(Toriko) Playable Characters

Lala Satalin Deviluke(To Love-Ru) Support Character

Yusuke, Hiei and Younger Toguro(Yu Yu Hakusho) Playable Characters

Whew! that’s a lot of characters!

Now for the actual game play!

J-Stars plays as an over the shoulder 3D fighter so you can move in all directions, teams are composed of Two Playable characters and one Support character. You can have up to 4 players playing at one time(two players for each team) while the A.I. controls the Support character but the player does trigger the Support character by pressing the L2 button on the PS3/PS4 controller. In order to win a battle the three sections of the win gauge which is located at the top of the screen needs to be filled, the gauge gets filled one at a time when one character defeats their opponent.

Each Playable character comes with a set amount of attacks which include

Light Attacks(Square Button)

Heavy Attacks(Triangle Button)

both of which can be mixed to create combos

Power Attacks(Circle Button)

Playable characters have two Power Attacks, Up on the Stick + Circle Button and Down on the Stick + Circle Button. Each Power Attack is unique to each character and plays to their strengths.

Each character also comes with an Area Attack, Guard Break, Stamina Charge and a Special Attack. The Moves are triggered by holding R1 and pressing the corresponding buttons, Circle, Triangle, X and Circle.

There are also Ultimate moves for each Playable Character as well, they are unique to those characters and deliver massive damage if they connect with the opposition. Finishing moves are triggered by filling the power bar at the top of the screen then clicking in on the R3 stick. Though there are sometimes when you have to click the R3 stick at least twice to trigger the Ultimate move because some like Naruto and Younger Toguro have transformations.

this is a long video, detailing some of the game play from J-Stars…just to kind of tease you a┬ábit

By using all of these different techniques you can lead your team to victory!

And how about a story mode?

Victory Vs+ does come with a sort of Story Mode to it as well, it’s known as the J-Adventure mode!. You can pick from one of four story Arcs to play to go through the story mode, the Dynamic Arc which has you playing with the team of Luffy and Ace from One Piece and Seiya from Saint Seiya, the Hope Arc which has you playing with the team of Naruto(Naruto) and Yusuke(Yu Yu Hakusho), the Investigation Arc which has you playing with the team of Toriko and Zebra from Toriko and Goku from DBZ and the Pursuit Arc which has you playing with the team of Ichigo(Bleach), Oga(Beelzebub) and Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho)

In each story your contacted by a mysterious voice saying that there is going to be a tournament to determine who is the best Jump Hero, you then set sail on your very own ship(which pretty much starts out as just a boat, a mast and a sail). You progressively upgrade your ship as you move through the story to make it stronger in order to over come the obstacles that are put in your path in order to progress the story, as you move through the story you are often challenged to solve various side missions in order to earn J points while picking up more crew members for your ship(support characters mostly). You’ll also earn J cards for the J Customize section in order to make your characters more powerful but you can also buy Bronze, Silver and Gold coins which unlock various cards from Regular to Ultra Rare.

Also during the story you’ll see other ships sailing around, those ships are inhabited by the other Jump Heroes who are on their own stories. Your able to challenge them to fights to earn J Points and it doesn’t progress the story so your free to challenge every body possible to stack Points if you want.

Probably one of the most fun aspects of the story is the fact that your able to visit all of these different places in one central hub world, you can visit Karasuno High School(Haikyuu) one minute and go to The Village Hidden in the Leafs(Naruto) the next. It’s amazing how much time was put into creating this one big world where everyone meets in one big crossover.

and now for the Soundtrack

J-Stars Victory Vs+ is composed by both Yasuharu Takanashi and Hiromi Mizutani, Takanashi-san can be credited for composing all of the Naruto movies along with the Pretty Cure All Stars movies and the movies for Fresh Pretty Cure, Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Suite Pretty Cure and Smile Pretty Cure. He has also composed the Fairy Tale movie and anime along with Naruto Shippuden, Mononoke, Ikki Tousen(Dragon Destiny, Great Guardians and Xtreme Xecutor), Log Horizon and most recently Sailor Moon Crystal, Gotta be the Twin-Tail!, The Testament of Sister New Devil! and Show By Rock!!. Mizutani-san can be credited for composing the Toriko soundtrack, the Sunday without God soundtrack and the Non Non Biyori soundtracks.

The soundtrack is composed of singular themes for each playable character along with different versions of the J-Stars Victory Vs intro screen song. There is also background BGM as well to set scenes during both the J-Adventure mode and the regular battle modes.

and finally the Online battling

At a glance once I started playing online, I realized that there where already people who were really good at this game. That kind of takes away from the online for various reasons but it also gives a great challenge to win a match online. It doesn’t take long to find a match either, finding a match is probably the easiest thing to do on there. Really its all based on the connection the host of the lobby has that will help you get good experience with online matches. While it may take a while to get used to playing against other people, it will help you in the long run to get better at working with team mates and finding out better ways to win matches.

so after looking over everything that J-Stars Victory Vs+ has to offer, it’s time to find out the score!

Everything about this game is just incredible, minus the fact that the online has a few issues here and that a lot of people may or may not know who most of the characters are, J-Stars Victory Vs+ is the best put together fighting game I’ve seen in a while. It never fails to bring the fun when ever I fire up my copy for PS3

All in All,

J-Stars Victory Vs+ gets a 9/10 from me…

And Time Resumes.

Whew! well that does it for my first video game review, and what a doozy it was. Thank you so much for reading through my review and hopefully you pick this game up yourself.

Until Next Time Every One! This Is Pervy Fatman

I’ll See You On The Other Side!

Get Your Game On! Video Game Reviews