Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End review!


Welcome to my Review of Uncharted 4!

The Story of Nathan Drake Continues, several years after the events of Uncharted 3. Nathan Drake who has since retired from fortune hunting, embarks on a new adventure with a special guest and his long time treasure hunting partner Sully in search of Captain Henry Avery’s long lost treasure. From Panama to Italy to Scotland to Madagascar, Nathan Drake goes from exotic locale to locale, fighting new enemies and finding clues along the way.

The writing of the story itself is absolutely fantastic, the combination of a Nathan Drake that we’re not used to seeing(older and retired) and the mass adventure of the newest treasure to hunt for is amazing. The fact that we actually get to see Nathan Drake’s origin from a young age being left in an orphanage to being in a Panama prison much later on really gives a chance to finally know Nathan Drake inside and out.

Of course being an Uncharted game there are bound to be some puzzles and other tough spots to get out of. Very early in the game(In the Panama level) you get your first taste of what the Puzzles are going to be like in this game, while difficult for those who aren’t used to puzzles, they can be easily solved with some time and effort by those who are. The hardest puzzle comes in the form of lining up three crosses in the Scotland level, which took this reviewer at least a half an hour to solve.

Beyond the amazing story, there is also a multiplayer mode!

Amongst the multiplayer mode there are four different types of game modes to choose. One is the standard Team Deathmatch where the first team to 40 Ko’s wins the round. Second is a capture the point type of game called Command where the teams fight over three command zones and the first to 700 wins the round. Third is Plunder which is a capture the flag type of game which both teams try to secure an idol in their respective chests and of course Fourth and finally is Ranked Team Deathmatch which is the standard Team Deathmatch but the players are ranked and matched on their performance in the game.

Now across the game types you also get some pretty cool weaponry, abilities and gear.

The Main Weapons are: AK-47, FAL, M14 Custom, XCR, MP34a, Mettler-M30, HS39, Mazur LDR and the Spezzotti 12 Gauge. Each weapon is unique, there are automatic weapons, semi automatic weapons, sniper rifles and a pump action shotgun. Of course these also come with side arms of various degree(both automatic and semi automatic)

There are also special abilities known as Mysticals which stem from the Uncharted games more so the stories of Uncharted

They are: The Staff of Ayar Manco: a staff that sends out pulses which reveals enemies on the radar for a short period of time. The Wrath of El Dorado: a thrown attack which summons El Dorado that launches specters that seek out and damage near by enemies. The Cintamani Stone: A powerful stone that revives downed allies after they have been injured. The Spirit of Djinn: When activated it’s power renders you invisible and let’s you gain a speed boost while rolling or jumping from a rope swing and finally Indra’s Eternity: when thrown it creates a field which slows all movements. Each ability can be used to your advantage during the rounds of multiplayer.

There is also the gear add-on’s that will also add an extra advantage to your set up.

There are Grenades, Revive Packs, Mines, C4 and Smoke Bombs which all work with varying degrees of success.

There are also heavy weapons such as an RPG, a Barok 44 high caliber pistol, a Condor semi automatic shotgun, an ARX 160 fast firing automatic rifle, a China Lake pump action Grenade Launcher and a Stoner 63 automatic light machine gun. All of which can also be used to varying degrees of success.

and finally the one of the most important aspects of your multiplayer set up…Sidekicks!

The Sniper which defends you and your team from afar with her rifle skills.

The Savior which will revive you and your teammates and distribute ammo as well.

The Hunter which tracks down enemies and puts them in a choke hold for the KO or however long it takes for you to attack the opponent in the choke hold.

and Finally the Brute which assaults the enemy team by laying down suppressing fire.

So with a very well written story, beautiful backgrounds, amazing character interaction and a really fun multiplayer Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gets an 9/10 from me!

This has been my review of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, hope you guys enjoyed it!

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End review!