Welcome to My Life


I’m not really sure how to put this but recently I’ve had so much weighing on my mind that it’s become hard to not change everything. I’ve had a lot of time to think over things, I really think that I should just pick up and leave to somewhere that I feel would be a better environment for me. Free of stress and free of worry, away from all the problems that I have now.

It’s hard to just not tell everyone that I’m taking my stuff and I’m disappearing for awhile, though as much as I want to I could never afford it. More recently my mind has been on the ever approaching convention known as Saboten Con, I legitimately think that this con has stressed me out more than any other con I’ve been to. With people losing both their job and housing within weeks of each other it’s grating on my mind where the future of our panelist group (the Mahou Shoujo Defense Force) is headed, as much as I hate to say it I feel there is a rift between us that will eventually cause us to collapse in on each other.

Though a majority of my stress has come from the fact that we’ve been told countless times that “oh yeah you should hear about your panels here soon” and we’re almost a month out at this point, it’s also stemming from being in the middle of a war of words with both offending parties about money for the hotel(or previous hotels) and not doing anything with our panels in general. Having to be on both sides of this equation is making want to pull my damn hair out because not only is it going to affect our future convention plans but what’s worse that it will affect our friendship. As much as I want to try to fix things, they just keep getting worse and worse.

To add to the stress as well is my job, my constant interaction with people has really started to kill my sense of caring. Dealing with all of these stupid people day in and day out can really destroy ones sense of humanity, and with interaction being one of the main focal points at work it really kills me to fake my way through a 6-8 hour day. I’ve definitely thought about quitting more than a few times but I’m not sure how I’d fair with any other job out there, to be honest I really want a job that doesn’t require me leaving my house so I don’t have to interact with people who aren’t like me. Unfortunately that would require me going to college(which I neither want or care about) and losing a bunch of money that I would rather keep.

I guess in a sense I may be over reacting but I just feel like more bad stuff has happened than good recently, it really brings me to a terrible thought process that I’d rather not deal with any more. I’m seriously wondering whether or not I have depression, may be I’ll pay my doctor a visit this week to find out. Well regardless I guess I’ll try my best to ride this crashing roller coaster out for as long as possible until it either gets back on track or it bursts into flames

So until then this is Pervy Fatman,

I’ll See You On The Other Side…

Welcome to My Life

Get Your Game On! Video Game Reviews



Oh! Hello there, since time has stopped welcome to my first ever video game review! Since we’re on the subject of Shonen Fighters what more of a fitting game to review than

J-Stars Victory VS+

This is a game developed by Spike Chunsoft and Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was originally released in Japan on March 19, 2014 for the PS3 and the PSVita, since then it was released in both North America and Europe almost a year later on June 26, 2015(Europe) and June 30, 2015(North America) respectively. It now also has a PS4 version in both North America and Europe as well to go along with its PS3 and PSVita counter parts. But enough of the legal jazz let’s get right down to brass tacks shall we?

Let’s Start With The Cast!

J-Star Victory VS+ features a wide variety of shonen style characters to fight with including..

Oga & Baby Beel(Beelzebub…*shivers*) Playable Character

Koro-Sensei(Assassination Classroom) Playable Character

Aizen, Ichigo and Rukia(Bleach)Playable Characters(Aizen, Ichigo) Support Characters(Rukia)

Bo-bobo(Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo) Playable Character

Allen(D.Gray-man) Support Character

Taro(Chinyuuki) Playable Character

Goku, Vegeta and Frieza(Dragon Ball Z) Playable Characters

Arale Norimaki(Dr. Slump) Playable Character

Raoh and Kenshiro(Fist of the North Star) Playable Characters

Kagura and Sadaharu and Gintoki(Gintama) Playable Character(Gintoki) Support Character(Kagura and Sadaharu)

Nube(Hell Teacher Nube) Playable Character

Hinata Shoyo(Haikyuu) Support Character

Killua, Gon and Hisoka(Hunter x Hunter) Playable Characters(Gon and Killua) Support Character(Hisoka)

Jonathan Joestar and Joseph Joestar(JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) Playable Characters

Tetsuya Kuroko(Kuroko’s Basketball) Support Character

Kumagawa and Medaka(Medaka Box) Playable Character(Medaka) Support Character(Kumagawa)

Sasuke, Naruto and Madara(Naruto Shippuden) Playable Characters

Luffy, Ace, Boa Hancock and Akainu(One Piece) Playable Characters

Chitoge Kirisaki(Nisekoi) Support Character

Jaguar Junichi(Pwhoo! Blows the Jaguar) Support Character

Kenshin and Shishio(Rurouni Kenshin) Playable Characters

Tsuna and Reborn(Katekyo Hitman Reborn) Playable Character

Kusuo Saiki(Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan) Playable Character

Momotaro Tsurugi and Heihachi Edajima(Sakigake!! Otokojuku) Playable Character(Momotaro) Support Character(Edajima)

Pegasus Seiya(Saint Seiya) Playable Character

The Sket-Dan aka Himeko, Bossun and Switch(Sket Dance) Support Characters

Kankichi Ryotsu(This Is Kameari Park Police Station, Katsushika Ward) Playable Character

Luckyman(Such a Luckyman!) Playable Character

Toriko and Zebra(Toriko) Playable Characters

Lala Satalin Deviluke(To Love-Ru) Support Character

Yusuke, Hiei and Younger Toguro(Yu Yu Hakusho) Playable Characters

Whew! that’s a lot of characters!

Now for the actual game play!

J-Stars plays as an over the shoulder 3D fighter so you can move in all directions, teams are composed of Two Playable characters and one Support character. You can have up to 4 players playing at one time(two players for each team) while the A.I. controls the Support character but the player does trigger the Support character by pressing the L2 button on the PS3/PS4 controller. In order to win a battle the three sections of the win gauge which is located at the top of the screen needs to be filled, the gauge gets filled one at a time when one character defeats their opponent.

Each Playable character comes with a set amount of attacks which include

Light Attacks(Square Button)

Heavy Attacks(Triangle Button)

both of which can be mixed to create combos

Power Attacks(Circle Button)

Playable characters have two Power Attacks, Up on the Stick + Circle Button and Down on the Stick + Circle Button. Each Power Attack is unique to each character and plays to their strengths.

Each character also comes with an Area Attack, Guard Break, Stamina Charge and a Special Attack. The Moves are triggered by holding R1 and pressing the corresponding buttons, Circle, Triangle, X and Circle.

There are also Ultimate moves for each Playable Character as well, they are unique to those characters and deliver massive damage if they connect with the opposition. Finishing moves are triggered by filling the power bar at the top of the screen then clicking in on the R3 stick. Though there are sometimes when you have to click the R3 stick at least twice to trigger the Ultimate move because some like Naruto and Younger Toguro have transformations.

this is a long video, detailing some of the game play from J-Stars…just to kind of tease you a bit

By using all of these different techniques you can lead your team to victory!

And how about a story mode?

Victory Vs+ does come with a sort of Story Mode to it as well, it’s known as the J-Adventure mode!. You can pick from one of four story Arcs to play to go through the story mode, the Dynamic Arc which has you playing with the team of Luffy and Ace from One Piece and Seiya from Saint Seiya, the Hope Arc which has you playing with the team of Naruto(Naruto) and Yusuke(Yu Yu Hakusho), the Investigation Arc which has you playing with the team of Toriko and Zebra from Toriko and Goku from DBZ and the Pursuit Arc which has you playing with the team of Ichigo(Bleach), Oga(Beelzebub) and Hiei(Yu Yu Hakusho)

In each story your contacted by a mysterious voice saying that there is going to be a tournament to determine who is the best Jump Hero, you then set sail on your very own ship(which pretty much starts out as just a boat, a mast and a sail). You progressively upgrade your ship as you move through the story to make it stronger in order to over come the obstacles that are put in your path in order to progress the story, as you move through the story you are often challenged to solve various side missions in order to earn J points while picking up more crew members for your ship(support characters mostly). You’ll also earn J cards for the J Customize section in order to make your characters more powerful but you can also buy Bronze, Silver and Gold coins which unlock various cards from Regular to Ultra Rare.

Also during the story you’ll see other ships sailing around, those ships are inhabited by the other Jump Heroes who are on their own stories. Your able to challenge them to fights to earn J Points and it doesn’t progress the story so your free to challenge every body possible to stack Points if you want.

Probably one of the most fun aspects of the story is the fact that your able to visit all of these different places in one central hub world, you can visit Karasuno High School(Haikyuu) one minute and go to The Village Hidden in the Leafs(Naruto) the next. It’s amazing how much time was put into creating this one big world where everyone meets in one big crossover.

and now for the Soundtrack

J-Stars Victory Vs+ is composed by both Yasuharu Takanashi and Hiromi Mizutani, Takanashi-san can be credited for composing all of the Naruto movies along with the Pretty Cure All Stars movies and the movies for Fresh Pretty Cure, Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Suite Pretty Cure and Smile Pretty Cure. He has also composed the Fairy Tale movie and anime along with Naruto Shippuden, Mononoke, Ikki Tousen(Dragon Destiny, Great Guardians and Xtreme Xecutor), Log Horizon and most recently Sailor Moon Crystal, Gotta be the Twin-Tail!, The Testament of Sister New Devil! and Show By Rock!!. Mizutani-san can be credited for composing the Toriko soundtrack, the Sunday without God soundtrack and the Non Non Biyori soundtracks.

The soundtrack is composed of singular themes for each playable character along with different versions of the J-Stars Victory Vs intro screen song. There is also background BGM as well to set scenes during both the J-Adventure mode and the regular battle modes.

and finally the Online battling

At a glance once I started playing online, I realized that there where already people who were really good at this game. That kind of takes away from the online for various reasons but it also gives a great challenge to win a match online. It doesn’t take long to find a match either, finding a match is probably the easiest thing to do on there. Really its all based on the connection the host of the lobby has that will help you get good experience with online matches. While it may take a while to get used to playing against other people, it will help you in the long run to get better at working with team mates and finding out better ways to win matches.

so after looking over everything that J-Stars Victory Vs+ has to offer, it’s time to find out the score!

Everything about this game is just incredible, minus the fact that the online has a few issues here and that a lot of people may or may not know who most of the characters are, J-Stars Victory Vs+ is the best put together fighting game I’ve seen in a while. It never fails to bring the fun when ever I fire up my copy for PS3

All in All,

J-Stars Victory Vs+ gets a 9/10 from me…

And Time Resumes.

Whew! well that does it for my first video game review, and what a doozy it was. Thank you so much for reading through my review and hopefully you pick this game up yourself.

Until Next Time Every One! This Is Pervy Fatman

I’ll See You On The Other Side!

Get Your Game On! Video Game Reviews

Getting to Know the Man behind the name part 2…

Welcome back,

Let’s pick up from where we left off shall we?

I’m sure you want to know the story behind my screen name right? Well let’s start a ways back during sometime in high school. It was during the mini war of websites known as the doujin wars, there was House Doujin-Moe and House Fakku. I used Doujin-Moe to read doujins on and off and figured there was nothing else that could beat it, that’s when HungLikeaZombie introduced me to a site called Fakku. It was here that I learned that there where so many more options for doujins, I mostly just lurked to read doujins but after seeing the forums a bunch of times I figured that I should create an account and introduce myself to the people that where like me! It took me quite some time to come up with my name but I finally settled on Pervy Fatman, since then it’s always been my screen name.

Moving on, I did nothing for quite some time outside of high school until I was told to either get a job or move out. Well that’s when I started looking for a job, I applied to various stores around the area and had success at two of them. Unfortunately they only gave me one interview and said they weren’t interested, after being turned down so many times I kinda gave up on that option for awhile. I also tried to apply for the community college but that fell through as well because of some unforseen circumstances and unhelpful people behind the desks. Eventually I heard about this new store opening up and immediately applied for a position there, unfortunately it was to work carts. I thankfully got hired and started on April 1st 2012(Thought I was technically hired on March 20th), I was absolutely miserable. Working in 110+ degree weather was pure torture for the first few months but I got used to it over time, after about a year or so working in carts I got tired of doing the same thing over and over again. I asked to do something different and my boss put me in the deli and seafood department.

I thought it would be better in said departments but boy was I wrong, the people where ruder and the department manager expected way to much to be done in one day especially when we where swamped with customers constantly. I got really fed up with everybody in that department and decided to go back to carts, then after working for so long in carts I got tired of working in that department again. I asked about learning how to cashier to move up, thankfully they agreed to teach me and I picked it up pretty quick when I first started. Since then I’ve been on and off with Cashiering and Carts(unfortunately people keep quitting) and I’ve started doing Grocery shifts. I mean I still deal with really really stupid people on a daily basis but the pay is sort of worth it, it helps me save up for conventions after all.

Currently now I’m a little over three years at this job and plan on staying for some time.

and that about wraps up what I can remember from my life. If you read this then I thank you for doing so!

until next time This Is Pervy Fatman

I’ll See You On The Other Side

Getting to Know the Man behind the name part 2…


Hello and welcome to my blog, here’s a quick run down on what I’ll be using it for

I’ll be sharing my personal thoughts on life when ever I need to get something off of my chest(which should be often)

I’ll be writing reviews for Anime/Manga, maybe movies and video games as well

But for now let’s get down to bare basics…

You know me as Pervy Fatman across the board(twitter, youtube, fakku) but my real name is Joseph Timothy Inserra Jr. I was born on June 29th of 1991 in Phoenix, Arizona at 4:44pm

Younger Years:

From what I can remember I was a trouble maker when I was younger, but aren’t we all? But let’s rewind a bit and go back to when I was some odd months to a year old. This may surprised you but I almost didn’t make it to where I am today, as a baby I got really sick and ended up stroking out while I was in the bath. Thankfully my dad managed to get me to the Hospital before I got to worse off and here I am some odd years later.

During my schooling days I attended two different elementary schools, one for my Kindergarten days and another for my 1-8 grade days. I remember back when I was still in Kindergarten I made my first friend in the kid that live next door, weirdly enough he was deaf so there was quite the learning curve for me when ever we hung out and played games together.

As I grew older my family moved away from that neighborhood so I could attend grades 1-8 at a different school, needless to say I was sad that I had to move away from my friend. I started 1st grade in the fall of that year and felt extremely out of place at the school I attended.

Over the course of some odd years, I was in trouble quite a bit. There where times to where it wasn’t my fault but I got blamed any way because the teachers knew who I was. They even enrolled me into school based anger management with one of the “school psychiatrists” with a bunch of other kids who had the same issues.

Moving on from that, right around the time I was in 5th Grade I suffered my worst injury still to date. I had been playing tag with some of the neighborhood kids at one of their houses and we where running all over the place really fast and having a lot of fun, they had a wall which separated the front yard from the back yard which was super tall. I saw one of the kids climb up and over that wall and I figured I could do it as well, in my inhibited excitement once I had jumped from the top of the wall and landed in the worst way. My stiff legs hit the ground very hard and the force was enough to cause me to roll through, as I stood I realized that I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg at all. That’s when the worst physical pain I had ever felt rocked my world, I had to limp home on one leg with blinding tears in my eyes. Over the course of the night my knee swelled up like a balloon even with an ice pack sitting on it, unfortunately the next day I ended up going to school anyway. I had to leave school early because the pain had become way to much and I had to go to my doctors, he had told me and my parents that I had broken my knee. When I got  an x-ray for it we found out that my Patella had blown clear away from the rest of my leg, at the time unfortunately we could not afford the physical therapy that would help me repair my knee. I ended up in a wheel chair for 3 whole weeks in constant pain then on crutches for 2 weeks after that with even more pain,  to this day my knee still hurts quite a bit because of it fusing back together the wrong way.

Imagine if you will for a minute that your a young boy who is just starting school in a different area for the first time and trying to make your best impression with everyone of your class mates, only for it to blow up in your face and turn into a very long number of years of people constantly bullying you and when you fight back your the one who gets in the most trouble. That was my experience going through grades 1-8 every single day of my life, the only safe haven I had was my home which was right around the corner from the school. When your a young impressionable kid like I was back then I was taught that anyone could make friends, then I learned that you only had friends if you where popular. I learned to stop trusting people around me after learning what I did in Elementary School.

I was all to happy to leave that hell and move on from it to high school or so I’d like to think.

Teenage Years:

My Teenage Years where no better than my younger days, some where along the way( I can’t exactly remember when) my parents divorced and it wasn’t a happy one. I was split between my mom and dad for a majority of my high school life and wasn’t happy for a moment of it. I had to go through each day of my life wondering if every day would be worse than the last, and unfortunately it was. My hope for a new life in high school was destroyed when I found out that some of the same kids who bullied me had gone to the same school as I did, I could tell that right off the bat that I was the target of many a person. For me high school was more of a prison than an actual fun experience, the same thing in and out every single day. Classes, being bullied, Lunch, being bullied, more classes and more being bullied. The only time I got solace at school is when I was apart of the Japanese club and met the people who I stayed friends with to this day(HunglikeaZombie and HarimeNui12), I had finally met a group of people who had the same interests as me! It made me extremely happy that I had people who where like me.

Unfortunately with the Ups also comes severe downs, I started hanging out with this group of people at Lunch which where really fun to be around because they where always joking and laughing about one thing or another. Within this group I had met the one girl who I thought would be the one, we got along great and I thought we had gotten close enough even though her family was a bit on the evil side. Come to find out later on that when I was hoping to ask her about being my girlfriend, I had found out that she already had a boyfriend who was in college(some skinny twig of a dude) waiting on her to graduate in order to be with her. I was definitely crushed when I had found this out but I tried to make the best of it by just being friends but even that didn’t work out.

I believe it was some time between sophomore and Junior year of high school that my emotions had gotten the better of me and I became very “depressed” enough so that the thought of taking my own life seemed like a good idea at the time. During this time frame, I ended up living with my mom because my dad had been taken to prison with a half assed court case against him and a terrible lawyer, I guess when you sit in a court box and have to explain to the judge what a great guy your dad is only for him to be hauled away in cuffs minutes later right in front of you then your life seems pretty meaningless. It was around this time that I determined that in my eyes religion was a complete joke and meant absolutely nothing if some false deity was being prayed to with little to no results, which is why I decided that I would never be religious at all.

With my dad not around, it was hard for me to focus during school and get good grades. I wrote him every chance I had when ever he wrote to me, it just made me more and more depressed by the letter and by the day. Once he was out he was around to help me when I needed but unfortunately it was a false hope at best because as soon as everything was fine, he was taken away from me again for the same thing. I struggled the best I could while I was in school and fought tooth and nail to graduate from that hell and when I finally made it to graduation day, it hurt knowing that the one person I wanted to be there was behind bars for a misdemeanor crime.

During this time I had moved all the way out into Youngtown, Arizona. A small fringe town between Sun City(where the old people live) and Suprise(where the young and old rich people live), which is still my current location at least for now.

After I exited High School, I started my con journey with my first ever convention in Phoenix Comic Con 2009. Myself along with HunglikeaZombie, HarimeNui12 and the rest of our friends had so much fun going to this con and it was here that I got to meet my first ever voice acting guests in Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt who at the time played Sasuke and Temari in Naruto which I had a phase in for awhile much like most fans do. It was also the first time I had cosplayed as well, I dressed as Light Yagami(school uniform version) from Death Note which was my favorite anime at the time. This con still holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me of a better time when I thought everything was going to be okay.

After that I went to more conventions in Saboten Con 2009 and my first ever Anime Expo in 2011, I loved both those conventions so much. I had so much fun at both conventions that it was a mind blowing experience.

well that’s it for now, I’ll be back with part 2 sometime during this coming week after I chart out everything after this. Also hopefully expect my reviews of an anime I just got here recently(about half way through so I’ll finish it here in a couple of days) and also I might have a little something something with a few games I’ve been playing quite a bit of here lately

So until then this is Pervy Fatman,

I’ll See You On The Other Side.